Every path is personal.
You’ve got a lot of decisions to make. YouScience gives you impactful guidance to get focused on where you want to be.

Proven science and algorithms encourage self-discovery and more confidence in your post-secondary choices. By combining aptitudes (what you naturally do well) AND interests (what you like doing), we match you to your best-fit personalized career path.

Forget the personality and interest “tests” your parents took in school. Those are a thing of the past. Today there’s better technology to give you more personalized results.
YouScience has been validated by third-party agencies, state governments, and multiple independent academic institutions.

Why does it work? Unlike free tests that use self-reported answers, YouScience uses aptitude-driven “brain games” to measure your real abilities. Variants of these “brain games” have been in use by psychometricians for over 40 years. YouScience partnered with research foundations and psychometric institutions to create a proprietary algorithm linking your natural abilities with job skills that are critical for career success.
Students in grades 10 - 12 will use YouScience annually. Please speak to your student's counselor for more information.
To activate or log-in to your YouScience account:
     1. Log-in to your PowerSchool Account
     2. Select Georgia LDS on the left
     3. Select "My Career Plan"
     4. Select "Go to YouScience"