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Apprenticeship Program


Apprenticeship seeks to prepare students for post-secondary schooling and for work in a specific career area.   Apprenticeships are available in a wide variety of career areas in business and industry.  Career-related secondary courses are required based on the career field as well as student and parent/guardian commitment for the student to attend post-secondary education in a related field is mandatory.  Students may plan to attend a technical college or traditional college or university.  Selection of apprentices is by the employer after screening by a school panel.  Students receive school credit for work experience, and they are paid for work. 

Course Title:  Apprenticeship

Prerequisites:  Two units in Tech/Career Area (or one with one scheduled); 80 GPA; good attendance, conduct, and teacher recommendations; coordinator approval

Recommended Grade Level:  11-12

Course Length:  multiple blocks/varies

Credit:  1 unit per block/semester

Topics Covered:  Course provides students with structured work-place learning and experience in a career-related discipline.

What are the benefits of apprenticeship?

Student Benefits:  Career counseling; defined career program of study; relevant educational experiences; knowledge of industry standards and work requirements; progressive pay based on performance; team building and work ethics; and transition to post secondary school and work.

Employer Benefits:  Screening of future employees; reduction of hiring and training costs; direct input into school curriculum; skilled technical workers; reduced labor costs; and post-secondary school affiliation.

School Benefits:  Knowledge of industry/business work standards and expectations; integrated and validated curriculum; enhanced workplace knowledge for teachers; enhanced training applications and strategies; student motivation; increased business and community support; and articulation with post-secondary schools.


For more information, contact the Apprenticeship Director Mr. B. Beckum ( or your guidance counselor.