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FFA Cannery Dates of Operation

The Thomson High School FFA Cannery will be open and accepting produce on the following dates this summer:

June 1-3
June 13-17
June 27-28
June 30
July 1
July 6-7
July 18-22

The canning cost is $0.75 per can.

The cannery is also available to shell peas at a cost of $0.20 per pound.

The THS FFA Cannery is located at 802 Whiteoak Road in the building in front of the McDuffie County Animal Shelter.

For more information or questions, contact Rick DuBose at 706-986-4297 or by email [email protected]
Contact Rick DuBose 706-986-4297 duboser@mcduffie.k12.ga.us