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Gifted Program Eligibility Information

McDuffie County Schools believes that within the total student population, there are gifted students who show potential for performing at exceptionally high levels compared to others of their age, experience or environment. These students are found in all ethnic, geographic and socioeconomic groups and need differentiated instruction to achieve at levels commensurate with their abilities. It is be expected that a gifted student will acquire in the higher levels of thinking – to apply and synthesize knowledge to new situations, to organize thoughts, and give value to new and challenging ideas. 

The aim of the gifted program is to assist eligible gifted students in reaching their potential through a challenging curriculum and differentiated instruction based on elaborate, complex, and in-depth studies of major themes, ideas, and problems. The instructional goals are as follows:

  • To meet individual needs of gifted students with rich and rigorous curricula content and learning experiences;
  • To nurture critical and creative thinking and problem solving opportunities;
  • To encourage citizenship and leadership development;
  • To provide students with self-directed and small group learning opportunities that involve planning, interpreting, finding, evaluating, and using reference information and technology; and
  • To foster student communication of information, ideas, and solutions clearly and accurately.

The McDuffie County School System uses a variety of search methods to identify potential students who demonstrate needs for gifted services, as defined by state rules and regulations. A student may be automatically recommended by existing test scores; recommend himself or herself; or be recommended by parents, peers, teachers, counselors, or administrators for referral to the gifted education program. To be eligible for gifted education services in McDuffie County, students will be evaluated in four data categories: mental ability, achievement, creativity, and motivation. Students will be evaluated using instruments and qualifying scores as described by the Georgia Board of Education Rule 160-4-2-.38 [Education Program for Gifted Students]. 
For additional information regarding the many gifted programs offered at Thomson High School, visit McDuffie County School Systems Gifted Education you may contact Almeisha Jackson at 706-986-4200 for further information about the gifted program at Thomson High School.