Yearbook News and Information

The Thomson High School Archive is published each school year in the spring.  A copy may be reserved by contacting any member of the THS Archive staff or Mrs. R. Burnside (  Yearbooks can also be ordered by going to
Other Announcements
  • Yearbooks are here! Members of Class of 2020 who ordered a yearbook will be able to pick up yearbooks from 4-6 p.m. at the THS bus ramp Thursday, July 16, at the same time graduation tickets are to be picked up. Yearbooks ordered by underclassmen will be available for pick up on the THS bus ramp from 4-6 p.m. Friday, July 17. It is our preference that students come to get their yearbooks themselves. If they cannot, the following procedures are in place:  Adults picking up yearbooks who are not readily identifiable as the student’s parents by a counselor or an administrator must (1) submit to a photograph with the yearbook and (2) either show the student's ID card or know the student’s student number. If the adult can not or will not follow this procedure, he or she will not be allowed to get the yearbook. This to ensure that yearbooks are distributed to the correct students who have purchased them.