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Code of Conduct

It is the purpose of the McDuffie County School District to operate each school in a manner that will provide an orderly process of education and that will provide for the welfare and safety of all students who attend the schools within the district.  In accordance with that purpose, the McDuffie County Board of Education has adopted a policy which requires all schools to adopt codes of conduct which requires students to conduct themselves at all times in order to facilitate a learning environment for themselves and other students. These standards of behavior require students to respect each other and school district employees, to obey student behavior policies adopted by the board, and to obey student behavior rules established at the school within the district. 

The school’s primary goal is to educate, not to punish; however, when the behavior of an individual student comes in conflict with the rights of others, corrective action may be necessary for the benefit of that individual and for the school as a whole.  Accordingly, students may be governed by policies, regulations and rules set forth in this Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct is effective during the following times and in the following places:

  • At school or on school property at any time;
  • Off school grounds at any school activity, function, or event and while traveling to and from such events;  
  • On vehicles provided for transportation by the school system.


Also, students may be disciplined for conduct off-campus, which could result in the student being criminally charged with a felony and which makes the student’s continued presence at school a potential danger to persons or property at the school or which disrupts the educational process. Parents are encouraged to become familiar with the Code of Conduct and to be supportive of it in their daily communication with their children and others in the community. 

The complete Code of Conduct can be found at the link below. It is the responsibility of all Thomson High School students and their parents/guardians to read and be familiar with the Thomson High School Code of Conduct.