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Attendance Requirements

It is the responsibility of the student and parent to see that students attend school on a regular basis.  Excessive absences may adversely affect grades, promotion, and/or graduation.

The parent(s) or guardian (s) of each student with excessive absences will be notified by school officials. Letters will be sent home on the occurrence of a student's second and sixth unexcused absences.  Students will lose all credit in a particular class upon the sixth unexcused absence.

A student must be present 70 minutes of a 90-minute period to be counted as present.

Upon returning to school after an absence, the students must bring a written excuse from his/her parent(s) or guardian(s) explaining the reason for the absence.  All excuses will be presented to the main office.  The principal will determine whether the absence is excused or unexcused.

The student will have three school days upon his/her return to school to present the written explanation for the absence to the main office.   An absence will be considered unexcused if an excuse is not presented by the third day after an absence.

Students may make-up work only for excused absences unless otherwise designated by board policy.   For each graded assignment on the day of an unexcused absence, the student will receive a grade of zero.

School work missed during an excused absence may be made up by the student at the teachers' convenience.  Make up work must be completed within five school days after the student returns to school.