Annual Dual Enrollment Opportunity Notification

In compliance with Georgia SB 132 (Dual Enrollment, formerly known as the Move on When Ready Act),
which streamlines dual and joint enrollment programs into a single funding source, parents are hereby
informed that students at Thomson High School may earn high school course credits for graduation while
taking college courses.
Please note that the information included below is subject to change based on General Assembly action
and program funding.
The dual credit program is available to any eligible Georgia high school student as defined in legislation.
The dual enrollment program currently provides financial support for college tuition, mandatory fees, and
books; however, students may incur other course-related fees for supplies or equipment. Transportation is the responsibility of the student. Courses must be selected from the approved dual enrollment directory, and applications for the program must be completed every semester or quarter, depending on the post-secondary institution’s calendar. Upon high school graduation, students are no longer eligible for dual enrollment.
Interested students must schedule a required dual enrollment advisement session with the high school
counselor to discuss these options. A Student Participation Agreement must also be signed after the student is accepted to the participating eligible post-secondary institution. Courses attempted at the collegiate level must count toward meeting local or state high school graduation requirements. A list of eligible courses is found online and in the dual enrollment-approved course directory available from school counselors.
No student shall withdraw from a dual enrollment course without the written consent of the high school
The district adheres to the following guidelines regarding dual enrollment:
Any eligible student may only take courses from the Dual Enrollment (formerly known as MOWR) Course
Directory approved by the Georgia Department of Education and developed with input from the University System of Georgia and the Technical College System of Georgia. Courses that have been successfully completed at the high school may be repeated at the post-secondary institution for elective credit only, if the student has not fulfilled elective requirements for graduation.
1. Students who participate in dual enrollment shall adhere to all guidelines associated with the program.
2. For students who participate in approved dual enrollment programs, all grades and amount of credit for
each approved course shall be placed on the student’s high school transcript and shall be used in computing the grade point average, even in circumstances where the student demonstrated unsatisfactory academic progress. This applies to all dual enrollment classes whether taken during the school day or after hours at a technical school, college, or university.
A+ 98 C+ 78
A 95 C 75
A- 92 C- 73
B+ 88 D 71
B 85 F 68
B- 82    

3. Exact numeric grades will be accepted from approved programs only if provided by the college on an
official transcript.
4. If a student withdraws from a dual enrollment course during the drop/add period, the high school will make its best attempt to place that student in a corresponding high school course or online credit opportunity to meet course completion and graduation requirements. If a student withdraws from any dual enrollment course after the drop-add period as defined by the college, the course will be placed on the student’s high school transcript with a grade of “F” (68).
5. Post-secondary semester hour credit shall be converted to high school unit credit as follows:
1 to 2 semester hours - .5 unit; 3 to 5 semester hours = 1 unit.
6. Post-secondary quarter hours credit shall be converted to high school unit credit as follows:
1 to 3 quarter hours = .5 unit; 4 to 8 quarter hour credits = 1 unit.
7. A student who fails a course(s) at the post-secondary institution may continue to be enrolled in the program as long as the institution allows the student’s continued enrollment; the high school shall assign post-secondary courses.
For more information about the dual enrollment program, please visit or contact the Thomson High
School Guidance Department at 706-986-4222.