Guidance » AP / SAT / ACT Fee Waiver

AP / SAT / ACT Fee Waiver

  • Paper copies available in the Guidance Office or download below
  • Qualifies you for 2 SAT, 2 ACT testing fee waivers, and AP exam fee reduction
  • Qualifies you for 4 college application fee waivers on you College Board (SAT) account
Provide documentation of SECOND Qualifying Factor
  • Provide physical paperwork for viewing OR a clear photo of documentation
  • No copies will be kept
  • Documentation must have the Parent’s/Guardian’s name on it - as listed in PowerSchool
  • Acceptable forms of documentation
    • Most recent taxes showing number in household and annual income
    • W-2 forms are NOT acceptable
    • Lease for public, subsidized housing
    • GA EBT Card
    • Letter from state indicating public assistance benefits
** This list is not comprehensive. It shows forms of documentation most commonly seen. Please contact Mrs. Grant if you have other documentation.